Hello we are Join the Pipe, the first community of tap water drinkers. People joining from all over the world sharing the same dream of redistributing drinking water in a fairer way.

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Hello, we are Join the Pipe

The first social network of tap water drinkers with the of dream building the longest water pipe in the world, long enough so that everyone, everywhere has access to clean drinking water. Join the Pipe promotes tap water drinking and helps developing nations gain access to clean drinking water and sanitation. We also work hard to bring awareness to the environmental impact of the production and waste of bottled water. With the sale of our tap water stations, refillable tap water bottles and donations, we finance water and sanitation projects in developing nations.

Our Story

A tap station for a clean and healthy community, school, sports club or company

Many people want the option of filling up their water bottle while they are out and about. It is an inexpensive, healthy and environmentally friendly option to have tap water accessible where children play and attend their sports. Our tap water is amongst the best in the world! It is healthy and offers less waste than bottled water. A tap water station can be placed anywhere! In a city or community square, a busy street corner, a bus station, park, school, sports field or even in the hallway of a company!

To date we’ve placed 450 tap water stations. Our tap water stations were developed in partnership with water companies in The Netherlands. They meet the highest quality standards, are vandal resistant and can be used year round. Every tap water station that we place is connected to a water project in a developing nation. For additional information or a brochure please call us at +31 20 794 22 94.


We now also have a multi-tap, for filling up your bottle and for drinking from the fountain without a bottle. For further information, please call +31 20 794 22 94 or mail us at info@join-the-pipe.org

The bar tap

The drinking water point for behind the bar has the possibility to dispense chilled still and sparkling filtered tap water. They meet the highest quality requirements. They are easy to install in a restaurant bar or combined with a kiosk or vending machine. According to the quality of your local water supply the most sustainable water treatment technology is chosen to provide healthy, great tasting drinking water.

Sustainable water bottles

The BOGO-bottle, our new reusable tap water bottle. An attractive, affordable bottle which is easy to customize with your own print, logo or colours. Ideal for promotions, your fellow workers, your guests and for catering. These bottles can also be delivered pre filled with tap water.The bottle is made of BPA free plastic and is dishwasherproof. Available with a transparent, frosted or solid body, in 8 different colours for cap and ring and in 0.5 litre & 1 litre version.

Nairobi Bottle

A stylish reusable tap water bottle (0,4 litre) with a 3D design. Luxurious yet affordable. A complimentary bottle for your guests or to be sold from the (mini)bar or vending machine. Like all our bottles this one is made from BPA-free plastic, easy to print on and can be delivered filled with water.

Buy One, Give One

For every bottle sold we donate a bottle to a child in need. Most schools don’t have water, soap or toilet paper in their washrooms. Since most children drink water from their hands, this creates the possibility for waterborne illnesses to spread. To help prevent this, we provide water bottles for the children to drink from. An effective way to lessen the threat of waterborne illnesses, prevent the spilling of water and children are able to bring water from home in case there is no water available at school. In cities children often buy plastic bags filled with water at school. Without solid waste management these bags will lead to more plastic waste in rivers and eventually in the sea. In exchange for a reusable drinking bottle the children collect a bag of litter first.

Free bottles to the project of your choice

Do you or someone within your organization feel strongly about a school, village or orphanage in Africa? Would you like us to help them by providing water bottles? Let us know. We will send the donation bottles to your project.

What we do

800 million people worldwide don’t have access to safe water and sanitation. The proceeds of our reusable tap water bottles, tap stations and donations fund water and sanitation projects in developing nations. To date we have completed 250 projects in Kenya, Tanzania, Congo Mozambique, Gambia, Benin and Bangladesh.

City Clean Up

Join the Pipe organizes City Clean Ups together with local schools and city councils in developing countries. These cities, without solid waste management, are the main cause of plastic soup. All school children receive an empty garbage bag. Filled with (plastic) waste this bag will be rewarded with a Join the Pipe water bottle. Like here in Nairobi. With the help of our dandy and a fountain for free drinking water this was a big success.

Water Kiosks at schools

By placing a water kiosks at schools we provide safe water for children and people in the community. Schools with clean water relates to less children sick from waterborne illnesses. As a result, school attendance goes up! By placing a water kiosk children have a chance at an education and are provided with clean water to bring home and have not worry about the hours of travel to get water from a contaminated source.

Drinking bottles

Most schools don’t have water, soap or toilet paper in their washrooms. Since most children drink water from their hands, this creates the possibility for waterborne illnesses to spread. To help prevent this, we provide water bottles for the children to drink from. An effective way to lessen the threat of waterborne illnesses, prevent the spilling of water and children are able to bring water from home in case there is no water available at school.

Water-Saving Tap station

Our water stations not only provide clean drinking water but also saves water! Taps often stay open when there is no pressure to pump the water through. Then at night when the pressure is strong, the water pours out. No water is wasted with our auto-stop tap!

Hand washing facilities

Join the Pipe also takes care of the installation of sanitation facilities. We build toilets and sinks to help prevent waterborne illnesses to spread.


Our supporters have helped us finance over 100 water and sanitation projects in developing countries. Here are some examples:

  • Join the Pipe Bottle Bike
  • ADRA Joins the Pipe!
  • Plastic Soup Nairobi
  • City Clean-Up
  • Join the Pipe
  • Join the Clean-Up
  • Agawo Primary School
  • Plastic Soup Kinshasa
  • Nairobi Slum Clean-Up
  • Join the Pipe in New Delhi
  • A BOGO-Bottle for every child
  • Suntreso Basic School - Ghana
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Sponsor een waterproject

Donate for clean water

Would you like to help simply because you feel that everyone has the right to clean drinking water and sanitation? Then please donate to our cause or fundraise through your school, organize a bike trip or a walk for water event. Contact Join the Pipe to for more fundraising ideas and to sponsor your own water project. You will receive a foto or video of the project you sponsor, plus information on the village and how you have helped.


We collect reusable water bottles for Africa

We all have extra water bottles that we aren’t using anymore. Collect them with your school, sports clubs or friends and Join the Pipe will donate them to school children in Africa. A reusable water bottle is an easy and effective way to prevent waterborne illnesses and waste at schools.

Join now

Tap water at festivals and in restaurants

More and more festivals are working towards becoming sustainable. A natural step would be to transition to tap water and reduce plastic water bottle waste. Experience from previous festivals like the Theater Festival Parade shows us that patrons are willing to pay for tap water. Join the Pipe can help by delivering bar taps voor cold water and sparking water plus tap water stations for backstage and on the festival grounds. There is also the option of printed reusable water bottles that can sold and filled at tap water stations. These bottles are great festival memorabilia! Contact us for more information.

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We are thankful for the support of all our members in the last couple of years. Thanks to you we were able to expand our network and dream. Together with all our members, fans and partners we were able to succesfully set up over 450 tap water stations throughout The Netherlands and we hope soon it will be more. 

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