Hello we are Join the Pipe, the first community of tap water drinkers. People joining from all over the world sharing the same dream of redistributing drinking water in a fairer way.

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We are Jointhepipe.org, the first social community of tap water drinkers. People from all over the world are joining and sharing the same dream of redistributing water in a fairer way.

Over a billion people in the world do not have access to clean drinking water, while in western countries each of us wastes 70 litres of drinkable water every day just to flush our toilets.

Since May 2010 over 3500 people have joined, together with numerous companies, universities, city councils, water companies, schools, airports and restaurants.

To raise money we sell specially designed bottles, carafes and tap stations resembling elements of a water pipe, and restaurants and festivals make donations by selling Jointhepipe tap water. Together we are building the longest water pipeline in the world.

By drinking tap water you also help to reduce the enormous amount of plastic waste and CO2 emissions caused by the production and transport of bottled spring water.

Please join us! With everyone's help the pipe will continue to grow until we live in a world where half the people have drinkable water - and the other half do too.

every tap station here means clean drinking water there

Where can you find us

This map shows the location of all our tap stations, outlets that sell our bottles,
restaurants that serve Jointhepipe tap water and all our water projects in
developing countries.

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  • Restaurant Restaurant
  • Tap Station Tap Station
  • Pump Pump

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Our supporters have helped us finance over 100 water and sanitation projects in developing countries. Here are some examples:

More projects

The first water kiosk in The Gambia

Join the Pipe together with the TU Delft University built the first tap water kiosk in The Gambia. An independent water supply and work experience place for the school children in Africa.

A microcredit project for schools with a sustainable business model which will create money for future investments and better education. The money from the water kiosk will be used to improve sanitation facilities. A repaid loan system that will be redeployed to additional schools that are in need. This will reduce the need for subsidies and dependency.

We increase school attendance as children no longer have to absent themselves from school to secure water for their families. It¹s a place for work experience and

to learn about teamwork, commitment, leadership and responsibility. A practical experience at a school kiosk is the best way to learn all about sustainability, sanitation and hygiene.

The jerrycarry karts reduce the physical injury from constant lifting and carrying heavy loads of water on the heads of the children. They are now able to transport water for hand wash facilities to the toilets of the school as well as water to their own houses and communities. This will increase the safety for girls as they do not have to go to remote and dangerous places to defecate or to fetch water during the night.

Interested in realizing a water kiosk? Lets meet!

Jointhepipe tap water in the hospitality

Jointhepipe tap water in the hospitality

The bartap, the public tap and the carafe with joining glasses.

After a successful pilot this summer involving the sale of tap water for charity in several restaurants and festivals we will be rolling out this concept again next year. Tap water is much better for the environment! No transport costs, no heap of empty bottles and of course it saves on the purchase.

Tap Water at a Fee!
Service costs money, and besides, tap water in many countries is often of top quality and just as tasty. With the money you save not having to purchase bottled water, you can order Join the Pipe bar-taps offering chilled water with or without carbonation. Included in this program, is a donation for water projects in developing countries. So, stand out from your competition and let your customers know that you care about the fair distribution of drinking water worldwide! Research has shown that people are quite willing to pay for charity tap water in restaurants. Serve tap water only and help us in building the longest water pipe in the world, until we live in a world were everybody has clean water to drink. Interested in a tap water station in your community or company? Mail us at info@join-the-pipe.org

Join the Pipe! The savings on well water, can be spend on chilled water taps, matching glasses, carafes and water projects in developing countries. Sell tap water only and share our dream to redistribute water in a fairer way. Although only a little will change for you, for thousands of people in developing countries the change will be huge! Want to find out more about serving tap water in the hospitality industry? Mail us at info@join-the-pipe.org.

Buy a bottle and only drink tap water, become an ambassador for Jointhepipe.org and help tell the story of the longest water pipe in the world. Place a tap water station in your company, school or city. Save money, stop plastic waste and share our dream to redistribute water in a fairer way. Donate a pump. For as little as €400 you can help finance a hand pump providing clean drinking water to more than 100 people.

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Tip for Tap

Tip for Tap

Every year over $100 billion is spent worldwide on bottled water. While only $15 billion is needed to reduce by half the number of people without clean water. Please order Join the Pipe tap water when you go out. For every restaurant or festival that joins we place a pump in a developing country. Please drink tap water only and donate your savings.

We are thankful for the support of all our members in the last couple of years. Thanks to you we were able to expand our network and dream. Together with all our members, fans and partners we were able to succesfully set up over 400 tap water stations throughout The Netherlands and we hope soon it will be more. 

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