Welcome to the worldwide community
of tap water drinkers

Hi, we are Join the Pipe

Our dream of getting fresh, clean drinking water to all corners of the world, and tackling plastic soup at its source is a dream shared by many.
With our reusable water bottles, and refill stations we try to realize this dream every day.
Every bottle and every tap is part of the largest pipe system in the world.
Long enough to provide the planet with clean drinking water.



By using and reusing our water bottles, we can put a dent in the amount of plastic waste produced.
Our bottles are made in the Netherlands, they are BPA free, and completely dishwasher proof.
They are made from sugar cane, a green alternative to regular plastic.
Buy your water bottle today, or choose to have it personalized with a logo, or text, to make it even more special.


The Join the Pipe refill stations make clean, healthy drinking water easily accessible to everyone.
They are highly durable, made to be used all year round, and meet every hygiene standard.
You can find our taps in over 3500 places all over the world, both indoors and out.
In squares, parks, schools, universities, gyms, offices, stations, airports, and hotels.


Over 800 million people donโ€™t have acces to clean drinking water, and over 95% of the plastic soup originates from Asia & Africa.
The proceeds from our water bottles and tap points help finance clean water-, and plastic clean up projects in these areas.


Here at Join the Pipe we believe in the power of tap water in a reusable water bottle as an alternative to prepackaged spring water.
That is why we pre-fill our City Water bottles with locally sourced, filtered tap water.
It is not only a healthy way to quench your thirst, but also a much more sustainable option to use for your cooling unit.
Choose the bottle that represents your city, or one of our other beautifully designed bottles.