Join the Pipe City Water: thé sustainable alternative to single-use plastic water bottles.
Locally bottled (filtered) tap water in a reusable bottle, made from sugarcane.
Perfect for supermarkets, caterers, hotels, or toerist attractions which are in search of fun and sustainable solutions.
Switch to City Water and help us reducing plastic waste.


City Bottle

The City Bottle is a reusable bottle developed with the skyline of your city. Click on the world map and look which City Bottles are available.

Kumasi Bottle

The Kumasi Bottle is the only transparant bottle from our collection, made from regular PP (no sugarcane). Available with a white or black cap.

Nairobi Bottle

The Nairobi Bottle has been renewed and is now available in a new 0,5L bottle with nice and slim design, which fits perfectly in any kind of setting.

Atlantis Bottle

De Atlantis Bottle has a chique design, based on the Ancient Greek pillars. Thanks to the ribbed motive, this bottle rests perfectly in the hand.

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