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Join the Pipe teams up with LOOP

Have you already heard of Loop?

It is the first e-platform to offer consumers a new way to consume completely waste-free. The principle is simple, you order online and receive all your groceries in reusable packaging. Once emptied, you return them to Loop which will be in charge of cleaning the packaging and returning them filled.

Join the Pipe teamed up with Loop to become their water brand partner in the UK to offer to the Loop community water in a reusable water bottle made from sugarcane waste. On their website, you can find our:

  • Nairobi & Atlantis 0.5L bottles in black or white
  • Nairobi 1.5L bottles in black or white

You can order your bottles on https://loopstore.co.uk/

If you have any questions, you can email us at sales.uk@join-the-pipe.org