Our bottles are designed to help you transform from bottled water to Tap Water so that you can Refill, Reuse and Reduce. All of our bottles also contribute to delivering clean, safe drinking water around the world by linking to a variety of different water and waste projects.

We know our bottles are plastic, but that also means they are light, portable, robust and functional for all aspects of your daily life! This means you’re more likely to carry it, take it places and use it; and the more you use it, the less single-use plastic, the bigger the impact! Our bottles last up to 5 years and, based on the average number of plastic water bottles used by a person in a year, will save you using 750 plastic bottles!

Join the Pipe, use a refillable bottle and join the single-use to multi-use revolution.

All our bottles are:

✔ Made in Holland               ✔ Easy to personalise

✔ BPA Free                              ✔ Dishwasher proof

✔ Contribute to clean drinking water projects around the world


Nairobi Bottle

Nairobi Bottle Black

Bogo Bottle

Amsterdam Bottle

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Rotterdam Bottle

Rotterdam Bottle 3

London Bottle

London Bottle Zwart 2

Paris Bottle

Paris Bottle Wit 2