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Madoya is an area located in the informal settlement of Mathare, which is mainly characterized by inadequate water and sanitation provision and a lack of solid waste management services, especially along the Nairobi river bank which borders Madoya.

Being an informal settlement, most people do not have bathrooms or washrooms in their homes. Instead, they have a community toilet shared by 140+ people at a go. When the queue to the toilet is long, or the toilet is broken, people usually have no choice but to excrete into a bag, which they leave on the streets.

Moreover, there is no official garbage collection system in Madoya, leaving the residents without much of a choice but to litter. In addition to this, the few establishments around also tend to dump their waste near people’s homes. All this creates an unsanitary and unsafe environment.

Shout out to Leiden University in the Netherlands and Join the Pipe Foundation (JTP)! Through their support, we were able to start a project in Madoya in collaboration with the local youth group, ‘Down Yard Self Help Youth Group’.

With our trusted technician David, who has been doing work for ITF for over ten years, the youth have started to construct two bathrooms and two toilets on the grounds of ‘Down Yard Self Help Youth Group’. Once construction is completed, members of the youth will be able to provide those clean facilities to their community, charging a little for each use.

Stay with us as we keep you updated on the rest of the journey!

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