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By using reusable water bottles and taps together we can create a more sustainable world in which everyone, everywhere in the world, has access to clean drinking water.

Want to cut down on single-use plastic water bottles? We can offer you a refreshing solution.

City Bottles

The first affordable alternative to single-use plastic water bottles. Use and reuse your bottle and help us reducing the use of plastic ending up from our cities in our oceans. Refill. Re-use. Reduce.

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City Taps

We offer indoor and outdoor refill stations for a healthier and cleaner school, club or city. You find our City Taps already at more than 5000 places around the world.

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City Water

Reusable bottles with filtered tap water. It's the most sustainable drink in the world. Get yours at one of our retail partners, reuse it whenever you can and help to limit the amount of plastic waste. Want City Water for your retail concept, please contact us.

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More and more people are joining and sharing our dream; a world with less plastic waste and a world in which everyone, everywhere, has access to clean drinking water.

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Want to cut down on disposable plastic bottles in your company, club, hotel or school? We can offer you a sustainable, affordable and refreshing solution.

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Thanks to all our business and retail partners for joining us and making a move towards a better and more sustainable world.

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