Your hotel without plastic waste

Go reusable with Join the Pipe

Many companies, hotels and resorts, including those from major chains have trusted us to help them reduce their plastic waste. They have switched from single-use water bottles to (filled) reusable water bottles in the rooms and refill options in and around the hotel. This has enabled them to save on a significant amount of disposable bottles in an often very cost-effective way.

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Refill bottles made from sugarcane

Offer your guests (prefilled) water bottles in the room and invite them to (re)fill them in the lobby, on the different floors or in- or outside areas where water fountains or dispensers are available. The bottles with various designs are available in a 4-piece and 2-piece model. They are made from sugarcane, are very affordable (yes really!). The bottles are customisable with your logo and with the landmarks of your city or island, it's also a nice souvenir for the guests to bring home. Ask us for a quote.

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Indoor and outdoor refill stations

Make tap water easily accessible to your guests with a water fountain. Join the Pipe offers outdoor and indoor water fountains that are resistant and have a stylish, timeless design. Outdoor refill stations can be used all year round. Indoor taps can be prepared for purified, chilled and sparkling water, and can be equipped with a sensor button instead of a push button. They can be customised with the colour of your choice and meet the highest quality and hygiene requirements and certifications. See all our taps.

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Stainless steel and elegant design

Our refill station fit perfectly in any environment. From city centre to golf course, from 5-star hotel lobby to the Nike flagship store in Paris. The taps are made of stainless steel to make them very resistant and with a minimal, elegant and recognizable design. You can personalize the taps with your own  colour or signing.

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City Water

Our successful hospitality & retail concept

Locally sourced and filtered tap water in a reusable bottle, featuring your city skyline or one of our other designs. It’s the alternative to single-use plastic water bottles in your hospitality or retail concept and a great souvenir for visitors and guests. Check our available designs or ask us for your city or special design.

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Your event on tap

Make your event more sustainable by serving tap water. Welcome your guests at your event or in your store with the Water Bar. A nice and easy way to sell or hand out sustainable water bottles, to fill or refill bottles, and get your message across. When connected to a power supply the cart can also be equipped with coolers, co2 for chilled & sparkling water and a payment system.

Standard in white or black and the sides can be customised with your message. This handy push cart is for sale and for rent, drop us a mail for more info.

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Design your own

Nothing beats a fully customized bottle. A great statement. Your own logo or design embossed in the bottle. Or your own city, ideal for city marketing! Radisson Hotels, The Dutch Railways, AH to go and Spar are among the brands that have already opted for their own custom bottle.

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