Buy One, Give One.

Join the Pipe Foundation

95% of the plastic soup in the ocean comes from rivers in developing countries in Africa and Asia. These poor countries are also the most affected by climate change due to CO2 emissions. That is why we have created a Buy One Give One (BOGO) bottle made from sugarcane for children in developing countries. These bottles are CO2-negative, the production of these bottles has no negative impact on the environment. Thanks to the support of many retailers, hotels and events, we have been able to give millions of bottles to these children. Contact us and Join The Pipe with us.

Buy a Bottle, Give a Bottle

For every Join the Pipe water bottle you buy from our website, we donate a water bottle to schoolchildren in Africa. A water bottle is for better hygiene and to carry water to school in a sustainable way.

Donating a bottle to a child in a developing country also stops the flow of single-use water bottles into the ocean. In return, we organise City Clean-Ups with schools to tackle the plastic soup and create awareness. This way, they learn about the dangers of plastic in the environment and the bottle gives them an alternative to the disposable bottles and bags they now often use.

Buy Water, Give Water

Each bottle of water or carafe you buy from us provides 100 litres of clean drinking water in developing countries, from a tap in a school or from our Blue Pump in a rural village.

The Blue Pump is the most reliable hand pump with the lowest maintenance costs on the market and the favourite community hand pump across Africa.

Buy a Tap, Give Water

When you buy a water refill station for your hotel, city or company to supply or sell water, we provide safe drinking water in areas where people currently have no or difficult access to safe drinking water. With a tap station in schools or with our reliable Blue Pump in rural areas.

Our water taps close automatically after filling so no water wastage and a low water bill for the schools.

The City Clean-Up

To solve plastic problems we have to start at the source, in big cities in Africa and Asia, where the quality of the water supply is unreliable and plastic waste processing and collection services is inefficient. Children often drink water from cheap plastic sachets, which together with all other plastic packaging end up on the street and in the rivers.

For example our City Clean-Up in Nairobi. This heavy populated Kenyan city has a huge plastic problem. Together with school children we clean an area, educate them about the danger of plastic waste in the environment and hand out reusable bottles to drink from for better sanitation and less plastic waste.

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The Water Kiosk

A Water Kiosk at School is our award winning project developed together with our Kenyan partner organisation ITF. A kiosk helps efficiently obtain safe drinking water, provides business knowledge to its youth and causes less school dropout, especially among girls, who are often sent to fetch water from afar and are therefore unable to go to school. 

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The reliable Blue Pump

Join the Pipe is the producer of BluePump, the most reliable hand pump on the market for Africa. These water pumps go up to 100m deep. With our ‘Bottles & Pumps’ concept we offer a low cost, low maintenance, high quality, sustainable product, making safe drinking water accessible to everyone, everywhere in the world. Interested in the BluePump? Read more here or get in touch.

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