The Blue Pump

The most reliable hand pump in the market

Join the Pipe is the producer of BluePump, the most reliable and durable hand pump for Africa. These water pumps go up to 100m deep, making safe drinking water accessible in rural areas.

High quality, low maintenance

With the BluePump we are delivering high quality hand pumps that are maintenance free for five years, which is very important in remote areas. We want to create a Rolls Royce for the price of a Volkswagen! We believe that it is not enough to donate money, we should also share technology and all the innovations that we’ve created. Less developed nations require better quality solutions. Poor quality equipment makes low-income countries even more poor. Interested in the BluePump? Please get in touch.

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Bottles & Pumps

With our ‘Bottles & Pumps’ concept we offer a low cost, low maintenance, high quality sustainable product, making safe drinking water accessible to everyone, everywhere in the world. With every pump we ship our water bottles for the people to drink from. Easy ro bring water to school, more hygienic than drinking water with their hands and more sustainable than drinking from throw-away plastic sachets.

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