Our Mission

Reducing plastic waste and clean drinking water for everyone

Join the Pipe is committed to a world with less plastic waste, and in which everyone, everywhere in the world, has access to safe drinking water. By promoting drinking tap water from reusable bottles and refill stations we want to reduce the use of plastic. With the proceeds of our products we set up drinking water and clean-up projects in developing countries. For clean drinking water, healthy living conditions and to tackle plastic pollution at its source.

Refill, reuse, reduce

If you are thirsty and on-the-go, the only option you have right now, is to buy single-use bottled water. We believe the real solution for the amount of plastic pollution is a reuse community. With our bottles, taps, and by offering purified tap water in reusable bottles in supermarkets and hotels, we give people an environmentally friendly and affordable option to make a sustainable choice. 

For developing countries especially, this is a win-win situation. A refill is cheaper for customers, for the retailer it requires less purchasing and less storage space. You only need a water source and a filter. 

Get your bottle

Tackling Plastic Soup at the source

Plastic Soup most often finds it origin in big cities in Africa and Asia, where the quality of the water supply is unreliable and plastic waste processing and collection services is inefficient. Children often drink water from cheap plastic sachets, which together with all other plastic packaging end up on the street and in the rivers. 

That is precisely where we want to make a contribution. We organize clean-ups with schools, we educate about the problems of plastic in the environment for their future, and we hand out reusable bottles to drink from. Offering filtered tap water in the supermarket at an affordable price should also reduce the amount of plastic waste.

Clean drinking water for everyone

Next to reducing plastic, it’s our mission to give access to safe drinking water to everyone, everywhere in this world. With the proceeds and donations we set up drinking water projects in developing countries. 

We install sustainable hand pumps in rural areas (BluePump). We hand out water bottles for better hygiene or to bring water to school. We have our award winning concept ‘A Water Kiosk at School’, a kiosk helps rural community members in Africa efficiently obtain safe drinking water, provides business knowledge to its youth and causes less school dropout, especially among girls. 

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