Postcode Loterij supports Siaya County, Kenya

  • by Laurens Boschman

Thanks to a donation of €500.000 from the Dutch Postcode Lottery we were able to realise a large project in Kenya. We are in the process of installing over 60 reliable BluePump hand pumps and hand out 32.000 water bottles reaching upwards of 30.000 people in Siaya County, West-Kenya.

The objective of the NPL: “To improve the access to clean drinking water in a sustainable way by installing reliable hand pumps together with a regional maintenance system, and bringing awareness about the use of clean water and the role of plastics in the environment by handing out reusable water bottles, resulting in higher school performance and attendance”.

Join The Pipe is the producer of Blue Pump, the most reliable hand pump on the market for Africa. With our ‘Bottles and Pumps’ concept we offer a low cost, low maintenance, high quality, sustainable product. These water pumps go up to 100 m deep, making safe drinking water accessible to everyone, everywhere in the world.


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