Building a pipeline from Leidsesquare to Dasmina in Bangladesh!

  • by Kitty Vallen

In the months that precede the 30th of November, one of the perks of organizing TEDxAmsterdam is having the opportunity to team up with like-minded organizations that share our passion for a better world. is one of those foundations that we love and want to support in their goal of bringing clean drinking water to all without it, and to reduce the use of plastic water bottles. This ‘community of tap-water drinkers’ has designed beautiful durable water bottles and carafes shaped like parts of a water pipeline and are using the proceeds of these to support the construction of water projects in Third World Countries. In addition, they give companies and institutions the opportunity of sponsoring a tap water station; one in The Netherlands and one in Asia.

The idea is simple:

Delegates attending TEDxAmsterdam on the 30th of November are invited to buy a porcelain water carafe for only 15 Euros (normal price 35 Euros), or –even better- sign up as a member and receive not only a BPA-free plastic bottle (in the shape of your choice) but also a porcelain water carafe which will together only cost 24 Euros + 6,75 shipping costs. If we sell 125 memberships, 200 carafes or a combination of these two, this wonderful idea worth doing will become reality. And that’s what TEDxAmsterdam is all about.

If you’d like to support are unable to join us at the Stadsschouwburg, then of course you can still contribute to this project! Send an email to <>with ‘JOIN THE PIPE’ in the subject line. You will receive an orderform that you can fill in digitally and your donation will be added to our fund.
<>Isn’t clean tap water worth spreading, just as much as ideas are? Help an idea worth doing become reality and order your carafe, bottle and membership now.

Click here and visit the website of TEDxAmsterdam.

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