• by Kitty Vallen

15 years ago I was asked to make a serie of short films to promote drinking tap water and reduce the amount of plastic in the city of Barcelona. While doing my research I realized the main source of plastic soup in the Mediterranean was East Africa and it was not fair to blame the Catalans. Instead I decided first to work on a proven concept, create impact and then ask the city of Barcelona to join.

So we went to Kenia with a special designed water bottle we called “The Nairobi”, to be sold in local supermarkets with filtered tapwater.

We organized cleanups in Kibera the biggest slum of Kenia’s capital and placed watertaps at Uhuru park.

We explained the kids to stop throwing plastic on the street as it would end in the Nile and on the beaches of Spain.

We made a short film and pictures we could show the people of Barcelona and ask them to join us and start drinking tap water out of the Nairobi water bottles too.

15 years later we have this concept of bottles and taps sold to our first client in Spain.

Happy holidays at the Med.

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