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At Join the Pipe we believe in the power of tap water in a reusable bottle as a innovative and disruptive alternative to single-use bottled water at the very point of sale. 

Drinking tap water from a reusable bottle not only provides an excellent alternative to pre-packaged spring water, saves a lot of plastic bottles and encourages healthy hydration, it also champions a longer term, more sustainable behaviour change towards #Refill #Reuse #Reduce too.

Why choose and promote single-use, when you can choose and promote reuse?!

Are you someone who likes sustainable products with a good story and do you want to offer tap water in your store, hotel or catering? We are happy to help you make the step from spring water in a single-use bottle, to City Water is a multi-use bottle.

Request information about City Water without obligation via info.uk@join-the-pipe.org.